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GW2 Out of the Shadows Developer AMA and Summary - Dulfy Regarding Ele damage nerf and how the rotation feels clunky -the previous 33% reduction caused skills to be too effective when traited, causing issues with both offense and defense game-wide. Outfitting Your Character This is an in-depth guide on how to obtain equipment and outfit your character in Star Wars: The Old Republic (Swtor). I consolidated and updated many older… Mixing and Matching This page is intended to give recommendations for armor pieces that mix and match well with different outfits. Click on the title to expand the selection.

CUSTOMIZATION CONTROL: HIDE HEAD SLOT so you can show or hide your helmet. ADDITIONAL CHARACTER SLOTs for your many alts, but hold on to them before you comeUse my referral link to possibly get free stuff! Please note it’s a bit buggy and may or may not work for your specific account.

How can I unlock my SWTOR account? | Yahoo Answers If you can't remember the exact answers to your security questions with the correct spacing and capitalization, set up a dummy account on swtor.com, go to the security questions page, and in each of the fields where you are supposed to put the answers, press the down arrow... swtor head start key * SWTOR CD Key | GBAtemp.net -…

You'll find the option both for hiding the head slot as well as showing/ hiding Dark Side corruption there. This, except you cannot hide your helmet unless you buy the ability to.How exactly does the account-wide inventory and crew skill unlock work?

How is this game as a "preferred" status player? Star Wars Character slot unlocks are only about 200-225k each, which is peanuts for a Lv35-50 character. However, I was able to get my paws on both Rocket Boost 3 [via reward Cartel Coins from my Lv50 characters], and a Hide Head-Slot Account-Wide unlock [with some help from a guildmate]. I'm pleasantly surprised how helpful these guild-guys can be. How to Make Outfits in SWTOR - A Beginner's Guide - Fibro Jedi

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SWTOR: Cartel Market Collections are Available Anywhere! -… SWTOR: Cartel Market Flash Sales. SWTOR: Dredging the GTN for Cartel Ma...It's account wide unlock.. Meaning any server u play gets unlock since its account unlock.. Ошибки SWTOR и их решения | Форум Я не могу залогиниться в лаунчере, что делать? Проверьте заполнены ли 3 и более секретных вопросов. Проверить это можно здесь: https:// account.swtor.com/user/security-questions.