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The question is does any Deathwish sword mean you have a best in slot weapon, or does it need to be perfect before you can call it Best in slot. A third option is that it needs to be ancient with the correct rolls, but not primal with perfect rolls. Any Deathwish is best in slot; An ancient Deathwish with good rolls is best in slot What does it mean if we are constantly thinking about ... What does it mean if we are constantly thinking about someone? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 1 Answer. Quora User, I can be a friend. Answered Dec 2, 2015. Answered Dec 2, 2015 · Author has 1.4k answers and 1.8m answer views. ... If you’re thinking of someone, does that mean they are thinking of you too? What exactly does "slot receiver" mean? : nfl - reddit

What exactly does "slot receiver" mean? submitted ... Vincent Jackson, etc. On the other side, teams tend to go for someone with speed, but not as much ability or height. Occasionally, teams get lucky and are able to put someone like Victor Cruz or Roddy White out there.

What does . . . . mean when someone just types the dots. And I don’t mean at the end of a sentence. Just the dots alone. ... When someone writes ; On their arm or ... Slot Machine Questions and Answers - SlotsGeek.com

slot definition: 1. a long, narrow hole, especially one for putting coins into or for fitting a separate piece into: 2. an amount of time that is officially allowed for a single event in a planned order of activities or events: 3. to put something into a slot or fit together using slots: . Learn more.

Does a creature with magical flight not apply bonuses or penalties to Fly checks because it doesn’t have a “natural” fly speed? Slot - Idioms by The Free Dictionary Definition of slot in the Idioms Dictionary. slot phrase. What does slot expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

As we learned Friday, the MLS will be implementing a new designation called the Core Player slot as essentially a means of getting more star power into the league without altering the salary budget too much. This can help a team like the LA Galaxy, which already has three designated players on the ...

Top definition. SLOTunknown. To kill, to put someone in a grave, which is literally a slot in the ground. "I hate you so much one day I'm going to slot you." ##kill## ... Slot someone in - Idioms by The Free Dictionary