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25 Blue Nile Club Poker Chips | $10 Value | CPNI-$10*25 ... 25 Blue Nile Club Poker Chips - $10 Chip Value. The Nile Club Poker Chips are a high quality casino grade poker chip. The chip graphics feature Egyptian images and are part of the chip. These chips are available in 12 colors and denominations plus 2 High Value Chip Plaques. $10 Home game chip amount/distribution!!! | ... is a dedicated forum for discussion of customer poker chips, home game poker chips, home poker game advice, and advice on anything poker chip related from clay poker chips, ceramic poker chips, to where to buy. We are family friendly and the ChipTalk members are eager to help newbies with poker chip advice!. How to Structure Blinds & Chips of My $20 Buy-in Home Cash ... Re: How to Structure Blinds & Chips of My $20 Buy-in Home Cash Game? If it's a cash game with a $20 buy-in, then blinds of 10c/20c would be pretty standard. If it were my game I would just make the blinds 10c/25c and let people buy-in for whatever they wanted though.

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How to Run a Poker Home Game | Beginner Poker Strategy Jun 11, 2008 ... When choosing the chip denominations, think less is more. There is ... That is, if you are playing 5¢/10¢ you should have a $10 max buy-in.

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When buying poker chips without denominations, we get asked what colors are for what value.The advantage to chips without denominations is that the value can be changed to anything so it is versatile for all different types of games where lower or higher values might be necessary.$10 – Light Blue.

Oct 2, 2018 ... ICM or "Independent Chip Model" is a method used to calculate the monetary value of chips in a poker tournament. This article explains how the ICM ... Buy-In: $10; Players: 10; Payouts: 1. $50, 2. $30, 3. $20; Initial stack: ...

The Greenbacks - American Currency Themed Poker Chips!! NOT just another set of poker chips! The Greenbacks™ are the first set of poker chips that truly appeal to everyone. Why buy the same generic poker chips as everyone else? Inspired by historical American currency, The Greenbacks™ bring a familiar and exciting atmosphere to any game. The front of each chip honors the appearan